Guiding independent business Owners and Creative Professionals Towards an Integrated Productive satisfying
work Life

First of All ...

I am not going to reel you in by talking at length about your possible pain points, then tell you how I can help solve those problems. I assume that you know what you're looking for, so I'll simply tell you a little bit about me, and what I can offer you.

I have been coaching and guiding independent business owners and professionals for about 16 years, many of whom have a creative side, and are often atypical business people. The people I coach are smart, caring and dedicated to their work. They have simply been frustrated because what should work hasn't worked, or it used to work but doesn't anymore.

They come to me for coaching because they are missing some practical tools or systems that will help them do their work more easily and effectively - and with more joy. They might also be dealing with some insecurity that is usually based on a misplaced idea that to be successful they can't be themselves.

I have several tools in my business toolbox. Most are practical, and some are meant to empower you to get real comfortable being you! This is about your business and your life. In other words...

Perfectly Productively YOU