Don't let this happen to You.

In the Beginning ...

When you start your own business, it's exciting. You're finally free of your boss, of the rules and regulations of the corporate life. You can do what you want when you want, right? But that's not what happens. Underneath the excitement lies the fear, the fear of not making it, of eventually having to go back to that J.O.B.

What's more, if you're starting solo you're responsible for almost everything that needs to get done. You look out there to see what other people are doing in your industry. You adopt the habits, beliefs and approaches of your competition and your colleagues.

This is when the bad habits creep in. It's not your fault. There's a lot to learn and it does take time.

Then one day you realize that you're working hard, feeling scattered and ineffective, and not seeing the results you want.

If you stop long enough to notice, you realize you're exhausted. The passion you started with is starting to wane.

Then you think "I only need to do more." If I do more something has to stick. So you chase more solutions and get further from your vision.

But that doesn’t work either. Why? Because this is your business and as such, it needs to work for you.

This is what I’m here for. I’m not offering another solution. I’m offering you guidance to help you identify what I call The Way We Do Things Around Here.

Work Inside Your Sweet Spot | Get the Essential Things Done with Ease

- Simplify and focus: have confidence that you are doing the right things in service of your business. 

- Incorporate your unique working style into the plan. Work in alignment with your natural energy flow.

- Do only the work that lights you up, serve only the people you want to serve.

- Increase revenue without adding hours to your day. Yes, without adding hours to your day.

With the Visual Workflow Planner you can finally relax because you have organized your projects, appointments and commitments - business and personal - into a predictable manageable, yet flexible routine, customized for you and your business.

Work Inside Your Sweet Spot