We are not here to struggle at work, we are here to play and share our gifts with the world.

You already have what you need to align you to your heart path: your brilliant internal guidance system, your instincts and your sense of purpose. Those are all yours.

I am here to help you anchor your inspiration in confidence and arm you with the practical tools you need to implement your vision ... and to remind you when you forget who and what you are.

Most people think they need to change themselves to do what they are here to do. The opposite is true. You “only” need to tune into that which naturally guides your actions, and gain the skills – and get the help you need - to bring it to life.

There are a lot of people who will tell you that you should/must stretch yourself to have the life you are meant to live. I have a different view. Yes, there will no doubt be times when you are called to do things that feel uncomfortable. However, being "called to" do something is quite different than pushing your energy because you think you have to.

You will find in me someone who will encourage you to eliminate "should" from your vocabulary, and instead trust both your preferences and your instincts. Then add a few best practices, as you define them, and you’re on your way.

Work Inside Your Sweet Spot

  • Know your gifts, love who you are.
  • Well-used talents translate into kick-ass business projects.
  • When you spend 2 or more hours a day in passion work it feels like play.
  • When you utilize your gifts you light up the world.
  • Knowing what makes you unique does wonders for your self-confidence.
  • Make your talents a priority; get lost in productivity.

Through mindful inquiry we align you to your True Nature and install Best Practices so that your Natural Brilliance Shines and you can Do the Work You are Here to Do.