Are you an Accidental Entrepreneur?

Many women and men choose the path of self-employment for several common reasons. Most of these reasons start with the word “freedom.”

  • Freedom to do work that matters

  • Freedom to set your own hours

  • Freedom to make more money, potentially as much as you want

  • Freedom to work in an environment that suits you best

  • Freedom to grow at your own pace

  • Freedom to do the kind of work you most enjoy, most of the time

True entrepreneur, or not, deliberately or not, you’ve joined the world of entrepreneurship: there is no steady paycheck, no clearly marked road to “success,” and the vision for the business starts and ends with you.

Your Business, Your Life, Your Way

Your Business, Your Life, Your Way

On the way to success that vision can get cloudy, like riding through the fog and only being able to see 10 feet in front of you. If you spend too much time stuck in that fog, it can cause undue stress and kill your drive. Creating the right systems for your business can help clear the fog, help you see more clearly down the road, and give you a sense of trust in yourself so that you can feel confident on your own road to success.

I do believe there is something to be said about following your inspiration when it comes to how you grow your business. It’s a part of the freedom equation. However, without some structure, without basic performance measurements … and time-saving systems and policies … growth is likely to become a problem. Most certainly, with you at the helm, responsible for just about every aspect of running the business, any level of success will start to eat away at several of those freedoms.

Freedom and Structure are not Mutually Exclusive

I’m here to give you the means to develop the routines and practices needed to grow your service business in a manner that is most satisfying and fulfilling for you. Even when you are customer centric - which my clients are - your business needs to work for you. When it does the right clients will show up, and you’ll be able to do your best work.

To help you preserve the creative edge that ignited your business in the first place, I offer you 3 entry points.

Work Inside your Sweet Spot

Work Inside your Sweet Spot

Create a Sustainable Routine that eases the way to accomplishing what really matters. The Visual Workflow Planner is a powerful organizing tool for service business owners who are juggling multiple priorities - business and personal - and are struggling to keep up. If you are neglecting important projects because you don’t have the time, this one-page Planner will help you pick up those pieces without working more hours. Think less, not more.



Let Go to Grow

Everyone "knows" that delegation is important. However, few do it well or often enough. The reasons are many, but they all boil down to “it’s easier to just do it myself.” Entrepreneurs and consultants who fail to effectively delegate can spend hours on activities and projects that drain their energy. They lose their creative edge; they can become frustrated and burned out. I don’t want this to happen to you! If it already has, we can fix that.



Systems and Structures

Otherwise known as “the way we do things around here.” I know, ugh! But important nonetheless. Remember, freedom and structure are not mutually exclusive. I will help you develop the Essential policies and practices you need in order to standardize and streamline recurring projects and tasks, and more importantly, to take the guess work out of the stickier decisions, such as what people need to know about working with you.