Don't let this happen to You.

In the Beginning ...

When you start your own business, it's exciting. You're finally free of your boss, of the rules and regulations of the corporate life. You can do what you want when you want, right? But that's not what happens.

Small business owners talk about freedom and work-life balance, but many still tend to sacrifice their joy and well-being in the face of the pressure to respond and “succeed.” Think back over the past year. How many times have you postponed your more important - and even fun - business projects, spent hours on tasks that took you away from your real priorities, pushed forward when you were tired, over promised results beyond your capabilities, or worked yet one more weekend to "get ahead?"

I want to make sure that the people in your organization (starting with you) are happy, fulfilled, fully expressed, relaxed and well compensated. The Visual Workflow Planner is a a simple tool, yet robust in ways that will surprise and delight you once you start working with it. Used consistently, your ability to focus, execute, and rest (yes, rest) will improve significantly.

I’m not offering another solution. I’m offering you guidance to help you identify what I call The Way We Do Things Around Here. It’s about focus, flow and boundaries. It’s about prosperity, health and success.

Work Inside Your Sweet Spot

Simplify and focus: Be confident that you are doing the right things in service of your business. 

Incorporate your unique working style into the plan. Work in alignment with your natural energy.

Do the work that lights you up, serve the people you want to serve.

Increase revenue without adding hours to your day. Yes, without adding hours to your day.

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