Midlife Women in Relationship Transition - Survey

Your 40-Minute Laser Coaching Session

Thank you again for filling out the Questionnaire! This is the place to request your 40-Minute Laser Coaching Session.

You can use the 40 minutes to address a pressing challenge associated with where you are in this transition process, yourself, or to improve productivity, or address a current business challenge. Think about something specific that has been bugging you, where a breakthrough would enable you to move forward with greater ease. If you want to find out more about what else I could help with, you can look around the site and come back to this page.

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Logistics - 3 Simple Steps

1) Fill out the form below.

2) Receive an email with a link to select your appointment time.

3) Fill out the intake form: select your coaching topic, briefly describe the issue, and what you want from our meeting.