Nuts about Comfort

I'm one of the sensitive types and have spent many years in search of the right environments. Sometimes I get it right, and other times I don't. In some ways it doesn't matter ... through my experimentation I have had a chance to experience the difference, which I can share with you!

I am driven by a need to be comfortable in the places I live and work and I play. If a place doesn't smell good I can't stay. If the music (in public places) grinds on my sense of sound I can't relax. If the air conditioning temperature is set too low I tense up.

If someone is talking at just the "wrong" decibel" it jars my body. If the clouds are around too long I become mildly depressed. If I can't be near a window I feel a strong need to escape. You get the idea. I'm the finicky one - and it's healthy for me. Maybe it is for you too?

I think it is very important to understand your personal needs in a work environment. How you feel as you work is just as important as what your work is… Being in tune to your surroundings can make or break you. My best space is described by my husband as a “nest”. I usually have my back supported and I fan all the objects of my work around me. Needless to say, I tend to work on the floor a lot. ~ Christine


Since 2001 I have been coaching independent professionals and small business owners, encouraging them to discover their unique pathway to satisfaction and success in business. Introverts and people running a business while dealing with some kind of ongoing health condition are my best clients. In different ways, both have to deal with sensitivity to their environment that must be addressed. An Introvert isn't going to thrive in persistently noisy places. Someone with a chronic health condition is going to be negatively impacted if their work and home environments are stressful - for them. Even your marketing efforts will be helped or hindered by the environments you play in, depending on your needs and circumstances.

If you’re looking for someone who understands the challenges of balancing your business life while dealing your personal … situation, Joan is the person whose wise counsel you need.  Not only does she understand, she communicates hope and success. ~ Terri Williams

Career Synopsis

My background includes 30-plus years engaged in personal and professional development, business administration and management, health benefits, human resources and career development. I used to be embarrassed by my apparent inability to identify one career path and stick to it ... until I realized that the best jobs keep me engaged when I am able to keep learning new things and and enjoy the people I'm working with. My past experiences include retail bookstore management, financial coaching, employee benefits, personnel management, staff training and development, and small business ownership.

Your brilliance is your compassion and the gentle way you ask insightful questions that help me find the answers to my dilemmas. You are wise in the ways of the heart and when one is ready to follow their heart's path they will find you as a mentor they are searching for. You are one who knows how to combine passion with the practical suggestions in a unique way that meet the essential components of a breakthrough....You have always had great suggestions to help me feel more secure in my transitions from my old reality to my new reality. ~ Kay Walburger, Play n Prosper Network



Business from Bed: the 6-Step Comeback Plan to Get Yourself Working after a Health Crisis
(Demos Health, 2012)

For those recovering from a health crisis, or adjusting to life with a chronic disease, health comes first but your professional life doesn’t have to suffer. It might take some period of trial and error to figure it out, but it you can. The 6-step comeback plan in Business from Bed is designed to help you successfully integrate emotional, social, and physical healing with the practical aspects of rebuilding a business or career.


Women, Work, and Autoimmune Disease: Keep Working Girlfriend (with Rosalind Joffe, MEd (Demos Health 2008)

Women, Work, and Autoimmune Disease is a book for women who live with chronic illness, encouraging them to stay employed to preserve their independence and sense of self.

Filled with tips, tricks and first-person accounts from women who have made similar choices in their own lives, this unique book is a resounding call for self-reliance and resilience. The book identifies the factors that making working particularly difficult for women with autoimmune disease, and then offers practical suggestions to address them.

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