Raven Joan Sedona Arizona

Joan is a multi-faceted woman with experience in a variety of business endeavors - and a bucket load of life experiences - most recently as a Business coach, Human Design guide and Videographer.

In 2008 she co-wrote Women, Work and Autoimmune Disease with Rosalind Joffe, and was invited to write a second book by Demos Health, Business from Bed, in which she offers guidance to business owners getting back to work after a serious health set back. Her motivation? Her own experiences - and success - wading through a 13 year trial and error process figuring out how to navigate work with Crohn’s Disease (now in remission for 13 years).

Joan has been a “seeker” of liberation in her own life, and enjoys supporting others who have inspiring visions, big hearts and unique talents.

Guiding Credos

  • Do work you enjoy, work that positively impacts the lives or businesses of others.
  • Have a say-so in how and when you work
  • Be well paid in exchange for your talents and services

Career Synopsis

Joan's background includes 30-plus years engaged in personal and professional development, business administration and management, health benefits, human resources and career development.

I used to be embarrassed by my apparent inability to identify one career path and stick to it ... until I realized that being “a Joan of all trades” equips me to understand a variety of business functions - and types of services - that the people I coach have to deal with. My business experiences include retail bookstore management, financial coaching, employee benefits, personnel management, staff training and development, small business ownership and business coaching.

A Creative, Collaborative Listener

If you’re looking for someone who understands the challenges of balancing your business life while dealing your personal … situation, Joan is the person whose wise counsel you need.  Not only does she understand, she communicates hope and success. ~ Terri Williams

Your brilliance is your compassion and the gentle way you ask insightful questions that help me find the answers to my dilemmas. You are wise in the ways of the heart and when one is ready to follow their heart's path they will find you as a mentor they are searching for. You are one who knows how to combine passion with the practical suggestions in a unique way that meet the essential components of a breakthrough....You have always had great suggestions to help me feel more secure in my transitions from my old reality to my new reality. ~ Kay Walburger, Play n Prosper Network

"I thought working with a business coach was for other people, who lacked discipline and found it hard to stay on track – not my problems. Instead, in working with Joan – a skillful listener, questioner and problem-solver – I realized that the power of an experienced coach lies, in part, in their the ability to help one hear and accept the wisdom of one’s own ideas. “Some day” becomes a real day; ideas become reality. I now congratulate myself for knowing when to get help (for an already mature business) and being smart enough to hire an expert coach like Joan." Owner, Fee-Only Financial Advisory Firm

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