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Hi, my name is Joan Friedlander. I have been coaching independent service business owners and creative professionals since January 2001. When I say creative, I don't necessarily mean graphic designers and such, although I have coached them. I am referring to that creative, independent streak I see in my clients that lends itself to the discovery of unique solutions on behalf of the people they serve.

The people I work with have a passion for service, excellence and contribution. Their success is not only measured financially, but by the satisfaction and success they experience when they are able to do the work that makes their heart sing. I have coached scientists (I love scientists), fee-only financial planners (they do their work with great heart) and other service providers who have created an offer that expresses what is most important and meaningful to them.


Guiding Credos

  • Do work you enjoy, work that positively impacts the lives or businesses of others.
  • Have a say-so in how and when you work
  • Be well paid in exchange for your talents and services

Why Do I Do It?

When I was 16 years old I told my parents that I believed people had the right - and deserved - to do work they love. You might say it was my first mission statement. It took me over a decade to land in a position that seemed tailor made for me. After taking a course called The Career Playground I went to work at a national bookstore chain where I discovered a home for my various skills in an environment that I loved. I was surrounded by books! I started as a bookseller and ended my tenure as a store manager, with a dual role training new bookstore managers. It was in this position that I first learned about coaching as a management style, and I took to it quite naturally. I loved it.

I was asked to vacate my training position several months after I became ill with Crohn's disease. I was devastated, and a few months later I left the company. It sent me back to the proverbial drawing board. What am I going to do now?! It took about 7 years and a few more jobs before I started my coaching business.

As difficult as my illness was, it also gifted me with a new level of awareness.

I had a bird's eye view of the challenges people like me face... 

How can you be successful doing meaningful work when you don't have the time, energy or desire to keep up with the ridiculously fast pace of today's business environment?

This isn't only about people with underlying health issues, this is for all of us.

When I returned to my last job-job after a 2-month disability leave I watched in amazement as my fellow employees rushed to lunch in order to get to the restaurant early enough to order quickly enough so they could eat lunch (and maybe relax for a few minutes) and get back to the office on time. I didn't know, until I returned that first day, that I had settled into my body relaxed and upright, while they were still pitched forward to stay ahead of some imagined pressure.


I told myself I'd never speed up like that again.

I want the same for you. 

I don't want you to wait until your body wears out before you slow down enough to focus only on what matters and add breathing room to your endeavors.

This is where your strength comes from. From a centered, relaxed place, your voice resonates from deep inside your being. 

Your work projects are aligned with your priorities and lifestyle needs. 

It starts with a clear set of practices and standards. I call it The Way We Do Things Around Here.

Professional Summary

My background includes 35 years engaged in personal and professional development, business administration and management, health benefits, human resources and career development. 

My diverse background equips me to understand a variety of business functions - and types of services - that the people I coach engage with. My work experience includes retail bookstore management, financial coaching, employee benefits, personnel management, staff training and development, small business ownership and business coaching.

In 2008 I co-wrote Women, Work and Autoimmune Disease with Rosalind Joffe, and was invited to write a second book by Demos Health, Business from Bed, in which I offer guidance to business owners getting back to work after a serious health set back. My motivation? My own experience - and success - wading through a 13 year trial and error process figuring out how to navigate work with Crohn’s Disease (now in remission for 13 years).

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