Do You Need to Stretch Your Comfort Zone?

I recently attended an Introvert's Meetup where we talk about what it is like to navigate various aspects of life with this particular "trait." At one point in this particular meeting we talked about the balance between alone-time and social engagements.

I shared the following quote by Horacio Jones, which a friend shared with me. It starts like this:

"I like being alone. I have control over my own shit. Therefore, in order to win me over..."

Instead of writing a full post, I created a video sharing my reflections instead.

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Beware the Ageist Within

In recent conversations with a couple of women clients, issues of age and future career dreams have come to the surface. I’ve been grappling with this myself, so I thought it worth exploring. The overriding fear/worry is that it’s “too late.” At first I regarded it as a primary issue for mid-to-late career women. (None of my men clients are talking about this anyway.) Then I remembered conversations with my son over the past couple of years - now in his early 30’s - in which he expressed concern that he’s not where he “should” be in his life or career. No doubt, the content of the concerns are different, but the fact that any of us are judging and potentially limiting ourselves due to arbitrary age markers is noteworthy.

Clearly, life markers are alive and well in the collective conscious. My sense is that there was one generation where the prescription for a successful life might have matched the potential to fulfill these expectations:

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How the Visual Workflow Planner helped me Get my Focus Back

For these last 3 years I've been operating with very little structure, allowing the ebb and flow of my energy to guide my actions. During this time, as I became increasingly engaged in work with another business owner, my activities were often tied to his available energy and work flow, as well as the relatively few commitments associated with our work. My move from Sedona to Boulder a couple of months ago precipitated a dissolution of that partnership, and a common transitional dilemma. Not only am I in a new place, geographically, my dedication to a clear purpose and direction has also been severed. Lost, restless, uncertain, all adjectives that can be used to describe my outlook on the rougher days.

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