How do you React When Your Energy for your Business Tanks?

In this world where being “on” and productive is highly valued, it’s not easy when the energy for your work – or anything else in life – suddenly drops. It doesn't take long before your mind starts telling you tales about why you need to suck it up and keep going. What drives this? Well, there are many things, but I want to highlight one in particular.

We have tied our results so tightly to what we DO that we have forgotten that we are not in charge of the universe, and that life happens.

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Doing What You "Should" Do and It's Not Working?

It happens to most of us who are in business for ourselves. You experience a lull in inquiries for your services, or the well has dried up completely. No matter what you do, what you "know" to do, it isn't resulting in new business. Does it mean you need a skills upgrade, or is it a signal that you’re in a transition and you don’t know it yet?

In this video I talk about those puzzling moments, and how you might shift your view of what's happening.

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Do You Need to Stretch Your Comfort Zone?

I recently attended an Introvert's Meetup where we talk about what it is like to navigate various aspects of life with this particular "trait." At one point in this particular meeting we talked about the balance between alone-time and social engagements.

I shared the following quote by Horacio Jones, which a friend shared with me. It starts like this:

"I like being alone. I have control over my own shit. Therefore, in order to win me over..."

Instead of writing a full post, I created a video sharing my reflections instead.

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