3 Simple Ways to Reconnect

It's easy to get lost in the details of your to-do list. Hours can go by before you realize that your shoulders are tight and your breaths are shallow; you have lost all connection with your inner guidance system. Here are 3 simple things you can do each day to remind yourself that life is about much more than getting things done, and more importantly, to remain connected with your Self.

  1. Start your day with a cup of your favorite beverage and spend 30 minutes reading an inspiring book or watching an inspiring video.
  2. Establish limits on how much time you spend at your desk in one sitting. Set a timer if you need to. When it's time for that break you can choose from a menu of options. - Get up and walk around the office. - Get up and take a short walk around the block. - Place a short call to a good friend or loved one. - Close your eyes and meditate for a few minutes - Turn your chair away from your computer, sit back in your chair and read something that you know will bring a smile to your face.
  3. Schedule a coffee or lunch meeting with someone you really enjoy spending time with once a week. It doesn't matter who that person is, or their role in your life. Enjoyment is associated with a positive feeling whenever you think of the pending "date."