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Are you a Habitual "Yes" Person?

Are you often the person who raises his or her hand when someone asks for help? Do you also volunteer to help when no one has asked? (I know, ouch. It’s OK. Just stay with me.) Sure, stepping up to help sounds like a good – even noble – idea, but if you find yourself “complaining” about how exhausted and busy you are, and spend a lot of time working on things that are not YOUR priorities, it might be time to investigate your motivations.

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Set Boundaries with Clients to Improve Effectiveness

Myth: If you want to be successful in business you must be immediately responsive to client requests, no matter how inconvenient or unreasonable. If you don’t you’ll lose business. Truth: If you want to build a sustainable business, you have the right to establish guidelines that enable you to respond to reasonable requests in a reasonable time frame. The best clients for your business will understand and respect reasonable guidelines.

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Empowered by Limitations

Most people think of limitations as problematic. The word is most commonly – and mistakenly - associated with lack of freedom, pending failure and inadequacy. To the ambitious, highly motivated entrepreneur, the idea that there may be limitations in what they can accomplish is somewhat terrifying and most certainly frustrating.  Specifically, they have difficulties dealing with:

  • Limitations in time
  • Limitation in energy
  • Limitation in capacity

Some respond with rebellion, as if limitations are a personal affront to their freedom. They are not. In fact, the opposite is true.

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