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Think You're Behind? Or Procrastinating? Maybe Not

Some of the words we use to describe our relationship to time and productivity carry a pretty heavy judgment, often not favorable. They are concept words, in that they point to mental assessments that may or may not be true. Furthermore, their repeated use often puts an end to inquiry, other than to figure out how we should be different, or the other person should be different.

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How About an Anti-Productivity Initiative?

I’ve been thinking – as I often do – about this whole thing we’ve invented called Productivity. It seems to be one of those areas of life I’m here to question. It might be an outgrowth of the years when I was so ill I couldn’t be a consistently “productive” human being, or a predilection for laziness! I don’t think so (on the latter) but I do enjoy large doses of “time-luxury.”

Many people rate the quality of their day based on how “productive they are, where productive is equated to results or the tasks completed.

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Stuck in a Comparison Trap?

When life throws you for a loop, and your circumstances today look bleaker than time before a precipitating event or situation, you may find yourself stuck in a circular comparison trap. Whether I'm talking to a business owner who is suddenly having difficulty attracting new clients, or an entrepreneur who has been significantly impacted by a health set back, their ability to rebuild and restore is affected by the degree to which they continue to compare their present circumstances with a preferred past.

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