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Forgive Yourself Your Limitations - Delegate Them!

You can't be all things to all people and win. You can try, but you're likely to burn up in the process. Even if you have the skills to perform many of the operations in your business it is not necessarily wise, especially time or energy are limited. I just started working with an owner to develop her business model and revenue plans for the year. Right now her business model is fairly simple …

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Is Fear Giving you a Hard Time?

Last week was an interesting week in coaching. Three of my clients are starting to make changes that put them face-to-face with some well-worn fears or beliefs. Without their commitment to create something new in their business lives, these familiar "friends" have been able to lie low enough to be bothersome, but otherwise remain unchallenged. Even though the cruddy old beliefs and nerve-wracking fears are different for each person, the method for dismantling them is the same.

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What Can You Accomplish in 30 Minutes?

Many of the people I talk to have a limited amount of time and/or energy to allocate to their business activities, as few as 3-5 hours a day. Some are limited because they are still on the mend after a significant health setback … Others have children at home. Regardless of their specific circumstance, they feel the pressure of having far fewer hours for business activities than they have ideas and work projects.

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Empowered by Limitations

Most people think of limitations as problematic. The word is most commonly – and mistakenly - associated with lack of freedom, pending failure and inadequacy. To the ambitious, highly motivated entrepreneur, the idea that there may be limitations in what they can accomplish is somewhat terrifying and most certainly frustrating.  Specifically, they have difficulties dealing with:

  • Limitations in time
  • Limitation in energy
  • Limitation in capacity

Some respond with rebellion, as if limitations are a personal affront to their freedom. They are not. In fact, the opposite is true.

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