Do You Need to Stretch Your Comfort Zone?

I recently attended an Introvert's Meetup where we talked about what it is like to navigate various aspects of life with this particular "trait." At one point in this particular meeting we talked about the balance between alone-time and social engagements.

I shared the following quote by Horatio Jones.

I Like Being Alone

It provoked an interesting conversation, and also some discomfort. One person suggested that there are times when we need to stretch our comfort zone. I left the meeting thinking about that, wondering what lies underneath such a notion. Instead of writing an entire blog post, I shot a video instead. It was an easier medium in which to share my reflections on this.

  • What is driving such notions?
  • Comfort zone as a mental concept...
  • Do you need to push yourself to succeed in life?
  • How about following the body's response instead of the mind's great ideas?

After watching, if you're inclined, I am open to reading your comments, either here or on YouTube.