Empowered by Limitations

Most people think of limitations as problematic. The word is most commonly – and mistakenly - associated with lack of freedom, pending failure and inadequacy. To the ambitious, highly motivated entrepreneur, the idea that there may be limitations in what they can accomplish is somewhat terrifying and most certainly frustrating.  Specifically, they have difficulties dealing with:

  • Limitations in time
  • Limitation in energy
  • Limitation in capacity

Some respond with rebellion, as if limitations are a personal affront to their freedom. They are not. In fact, the opposite is true.

Yesterday I met with a financial planner who had just finished with an intense 3-month period of client meetings. We discussed his heightened awareness about the impact of the spring and fall meetings on his available time and energy for other, equally important priorities. He determined that going forward, as things stand now (there are only two people in the firm, including him) he can conduct no more than 3 clients meetings a week. He had already sensed this but upon reviewing the impact of overriding this limit, he became more solidly committed to holding to it when spring meetings roll around.

Empowered with this awareness he feels stronger not weaker. By understanding his limitations, he can act and respond with clarity and integrity.

  • When he reaches maximum capacity of 3 meetings during a week, he will be more confident in holding to his limit when a client makes a schedule request that will put him over that limit, and explain why it benefits them, too.
  • Whereas before he detected this, now he knows that if he wants to continue to grow he will have to bring on another planner. We have just begun to implement the planning steps for this now.

Next time you retract from limitations, tell that mind of yours that limitations are good. Inside your limitations might just find your power.