How About an Anti-Productivity Initiative?


For the past 17 years, I have had a front-row seat to the anxiety that plagues the "responsible business person" when their pursuit of results overwhelms their ability to effectively assess their true capacity to work. It destroys confidence, makes it extremely difficult to let anything go, and nearly impossible to tune into (and heed) the needs of the body. For many people, the measure of a good day depends on how Productive they are, where productive is equated to results or the tasks completed.

  • Was it a good day? Yes, I got a lot done.
  • Was it a good day? No, I didn't get ANYTHING done.

Then there are the self-recriminating judgments:

  • I woke up with all this energy, ready to get to work, and I took a nap instead. Pathetic.
  • I SHOULD have done this but I did SOMETHING ELSE instead. What's wrong with me?

These judgments are especially hard on the business person dealing with a chronic or serious medical condition, but they also create distress and counterproductive behavior in generally healthy people.

So, I am launching an Anti-Productivity Productivity Initiative:

Work Less (Hard), MAKE Less (Happen)... Enjoy What Is

It's not really an anti-productivity initiative; it's more like a pro-human initiative. Inside this initiative ALL activities of being human - active and passive - are potentially productive.

  1. Feeling a sense of play about your work is a sign you're on the right track
  2. Much needed naps are perfectly productive. They refresh the body for the next round of activity.
  3. Doing something because it was FUN or you have the energy FOR that activity is absolutely productive.
  4. Leaving work - IF you can - when you run out of energy for work is a very wise move.
  5. There is right timing for just about everything. If it doesn't get done today, it can get done later or not at all.

What about deadlines you might ask? Well, that will be a tricky thing if you are in the habit of over extending yourself or making promises that are unrealistic. Here's my question to you. In the end - you know, of your life - will you care?

Does this Initiative resonate with you? (Hint: Check in with your body, not your mind.) Feel free to comment or share!