Promoter or Connector: Which Do You Favor?

A couple of weeks ago I premiered my new speaking presentation, Managing the Business Hats.  The idea of business hats is not new, but figuring out how to talk about the hats in a way that could apply to a variety of business situations and owners intrigued me. One such hat is the "promoter" hat, the one I thought would be a good hat to describe a certain set of personal characteristics, and their usefulness in the execution of the following business responsibilities:

  • Marketing (online and off line)
  • Public relations
  • Brand management
  • Networking

There were 5 others hats to choose from and I asked each person to select only 3 of the 6 that would represent the hats they would wear all day long if time or other projects were a non-issue. It was really easy to detect the "promoters" in the room based on how they introduced themselves. These women were up front and comfortable talking about the value of their services, and at length about what they had to offer. When it was time to raise hands for each hat, these same women knew exactly who they were, and so did I.

While preparing the presentation, it became clear to me that I'd be happy never to put the Promoter hat on again. I prefer and have natural skills associated with the roles of "Developer" (of people, products, ideas), "Planner" (strategic thinking, looking out to the future, setting goals) and "Manager/Organizer" (of people, systems, projects). (The other 2 hats are "Responder" and "Administration.")

Further reflection revealed a need for a second name for the Promoter hat, Connector.   While I'm not a Promoter, I am a Connector (of people, ideas, resources), and when it comes to marketing Connector is equally as useful and valid; it just has a different feel and orientation.

Even so, without the "promoter" gene, it's difficult for me to put on that megaphone and garner attention for my services and products.  It seems I have three choices, just as we all do to address the hats that don't fit us well.

  1. Work on developing my promotion skills.
  2. Hire or partner with someone who wears the Promoter side of the hat with ease to help garner attention for my services.
  3. Embrace the Connector in me and wear the hat with Connector side out. Period.

Perhaps the answer is a bit of all three. One thing I can say for sure: owning up to the truth has set me free from the pressure to be otherwise. That can only be a good thing.

I wonder if there is a correlation between extroversion and the Promoter skill set, and introversion and the Connector skill set. Can introverts be good, natural promoters?