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Listen to Your Body Talk

Are your shoulders become hunched? Is your breathing shallow? Have your legs all but disappeared from your awareness? When your job requires more sitting than standing - and more brain power than strength - it’s easy to override or miss “request signals” your body sends your way, such as:

•    Please get up and stretch •    Take me for a walk •    I really do need a trip to the bathroom •    I’m thirsty •    Ahem. I’m hungry. Could you get up out of your chair and feed me? •    No! Don’t sit down in front of the computer again. We’re eating and I’d like to enjoy the food. •    The sun is shining and it’s beautiful outside. A little vitamin D would be nice. •    My muscles are atrophying. Could we use them a bit? •    Hello! I’ve got nothing more to give today! Please stop working.

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