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When Growth Goals Backfire - One Client's Story

"Why" is a question that has to be answered when you start a business and again – and again - as your business grows and lifestyle needs change. Healthy or not, complicated circumstances or not, if you’re feeling any level of stress regarding your business – or your job – it may be time to reexamine your motivations in order to assess potential conflicts.

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Promoter or Connector: Which Do You Favor?

A couple of weeks ago I premiered my new speaking presentation, Managing the Business Hats. The idea of business hats is not new, but figuring out how to talk about the hats in a way that could apply to a variety of business situations and owners intrigued me. One such hat is the "promoter" hat, the one I thought would be a good hat to describe a certain set of personal characteristics, and their usefulness in the execution of the following business responsibilities:

Marketing (online and off line) Public relations Brand management Networking

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