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Are you a Habitual "Yes" Person?

Are you often the person who raises his or her hand when someone asks for help? Do you also volunteer to help when no one has asked? (I know, ouch. It’s OK. Just stay with me.) Sure, stepping up to help sounds like a good – even noble – idea, but if you find yourself “complaining” about how exhausted and busy you are, and spend a lot of time working on things that are not YOUR priorities, it might be time to investigate your motivations.

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How About an Anti-Productivity Initiative?

I’ve been thinking – as I often do – about this whole thing we’ve invented called Productivity. It seems to be one of those areas of life I’m here to question. It might be an outgrowth of the years when I was so ill I couldn’t be a consistently “productive” human being, or a predilection for laziness! I don’t think so (on the latter) but I do enjoy large doses of “time-luxury.”

Many people rate the quality of their day based on how “productive they are, where productive is equated to results or the tasks completed.

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What if you're not a morning person?

Is anyone really only working 8-5 any more? If not, why do most company owners and CEO's still insist on a traditional start and stop times to the work day?

Control? Habit? Democracy? Compliance?

Well, then, what is a midday guy to do? What if you're going to be much more effective - and happier - if you were able to start your workday at noon, let's say?

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