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Is Fear Giving you a Hard Time?

Last week was an interesting week in coaching. Three of my clients are starting to make changes that put them face-to-face with some well-worn fears or beliefs. Without their commitment to create something new in their business lives, these familiar "friends" have been able to lie low enough to be bothersome, but otherwise remain unchallenged. Even though the cruddy old beliefs and nerve-wracking fears are different for each person, the method for dismantling them is the same.

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Stuck in a Comparison Trap?

When life throws you for a loop, and your circumstances today look bleaker than time before a precipitating event or situation, you may find yourself stuck in a circular comparison trap. Whether I'm talking to a business owner who is suddenly having difficulty attracting new clients, or an entrepreneur who has been significantly impacted by a health set back, their ability to rebuild and restore is affected by the degree to which they continue to compare their present circumstances with a preferred past.

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Belief Management - The Missing Ingredient

"Joan, I'm working so hard and I'm not getting anything done!" I have heard some version of this cry of frustration by many an entrepreneur. It's a common complaint voiced by those of use who sought the freedom to have complete authority over our schedules, only to find ourselves unwittingly shackled by habitual ways of operating. It does not appear to matter that we are independent professionals or business owners, we live in a world shaped by the rules of corporate life. Most entrepreneurs came from jobs and daily schedules that dictated what to do and how to spend our time. Being somewhat like the long-term prisoner we got very used to the daily regimen. We were told when to start work, take lunch, take breaks and leave for the day. Managers, clients, customers and operating manuals told us what to do and when to do it.

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