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What Can You Accomplish in 30 Minutes?

Many of the people I talk to have a limited amount of time and/or energy to allocate to their business activities, as few as 3-5 hours a day. Some are limited because they are still on the mend after a significant health setback … Others have children at home. Regardless of their specific circumstance, they feel the pressure of having far fewer hours for business activities than they have ideas and work projects.

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The Power of One

You might think that this is about your singular ability to affect change, but today it is not. It’s about how you approach planning your day. Years ago I was trained in a program called Work Less, Make More®, developed by the late Jennifer White. Jennifer used the “Power of Three” as an organizing principle for establishing priorities around the unending list of tasks most of us work from. I have begun to think that the Power of One is a more realistic model for establishing priorities on any given day.

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