Why New Year's Resolutions Often Fail - It's an Energy Thing

'Tis the season when we are first supposed to be merry, happy and celebrating, after which we expect ourselves to immediately jump into the new year, ready to launch our new programs, our goals already defined...in the middle of deep winter! That's a lot to expect of a human body, don't you think? Talk about a capacity load. I would like to offer you an alternative time table for setting goals and creating agendas for this coming year, one that gives you a little more space between holiday events and launching new initiatives.

What if I were to tell you that the "energetic New Year" is on January 21st? Might that feel right, more natural, less rushed? Might it also explain why most New Year’s “resolutions” fail within a few days?

I have been a student and a guide of Human Design for the past several years. This is the basis of what I am sharing with you. I'm going to include technical details, but please don't worry about understanding these words if the details are overwhelming. Instead, read the text and see if it doesn't resonate as we enter the new calendar year.

In Human Design the Rave New Year begins on January 21/22, and we enter into a new experiential cycle.

This new cycle is initiated when our Sun moves into the part of the sky relating to the 41st gate in the Human Design chart, which corresponds to the 41th hexagram of the iChing, which also corresponds to the only start codon in our DNA. Continuity!

When the Sun moves into this hexagram it naturally ignites a new experience. No force required.

So, what happens between December 31st and January 21st? We move through 4 hexagrams (shown in the diagram to the right), the themes of which call upon us to reflect back on the year that has passed so we can put the year to rest, and from there set intentions for the kinds of experiences we are meant to have or wish to have. The time between December 31st and January 21st is a precious time of assessment and reflection. It is a time you give to yourself, to move forward with clarity.


The Energy of New Year's Eve and Day - What's Really Going On?

38th gate or hexagram - Keynote is Opposition

(We enter this “energy” on December 31, 2016)

Opposition has everything to do with the struggle for purpose, which could be the source of most resolutions or intentions, but the common use of this energy is upside down at this juncture. This is not an energy for new beginnings, not yet. It's really the beginning of closing down the cycle of the previous year. It signals an opportunity to look back and to ask, "did I find purpose, or not?" Not in your entire life, but in the year that has passed? Did you find purpose, did you find your spirit, in whatever form it might have been expressed or intended? Did you experience satisfaction, success, peace, delight?

The 54th gate or Hexagram - Keynote is Ambition

(enters on January 5, 2017)

The 54th hexagram starts the real process of completion, of winding down the year. It's about beginning to see clearly, who are my best allies? Having the "right" allies is a key to ambition and transformation. Look at the forces (people) who have been there for you - and the forces that have not - so you can lay the groundwork for a new beginning.

Questions for contemplation:

  • Did you have the right allies? Who got in the way?
  • Who are the beings out there that you can trust, that you can rely on?

By the way, these beings and forces can change from year to year. I can certainly look back on this year and see that some who were allies are no longer, and some who were not have either appeared for the first time, or returned. Nothing is forever.

61st Gate or Hexagram - Keynote of Inner Truth

(enters on January 11, 2017)

Then, we move to the 61st gate, Inner truth. The 61st hexagram creates mental pressure to find truths and see behind the secrets of life through reflection. This is when you're called to look within yourself, at the inspiration that will be there and, based on facts, consider what might be possible. This is about the pressure to realize your potential. This is a time for thinking, for contemplation. What is your truth?

60th Gate or Hexagram - Keynote of Limitation

(enters on January 16, 2017)

Then you get to the 60th gate, and you just let it go. It's always about letting go of it ALL:

  • Of what worked and didn’t work
  • Of the year that has passed
  • Of the seduction that mind puts in front of you all the time

Limitation is all about transcendence. The moment you can accept limitation, it no longer exists. Rest within yourself and find the truth within you so that you're ready to step forward into a new experiential cycle that's ignited on January 21st.

It's a new year coming. Let go of the dilemmas that your mind throws up to keep you from the promise of yourself. Accept the limitation of yourself [no, you can't be all things to all people all the time, or anything you please for that matter], and trust in yourself. Recognize you have precisely what you need to move forward. Surrender. Give up the game of letting your mind control your destiny. Accept the limitation of who you are, or what you are. Live your life as yourself. ~ Ra Uru Hu

As I prepared this I thought about the many people I have talked to who, when they haven't set their goals and intentions by mid-January, feel they are behind, that they have lost out on the opportunity of the entire year. If you fall into this group, perhaps you can take heart; perhaps your ENERGY knew what was what.

An Invitation

If you find yourself intrigued by this information, I invite you to experiment with these shifting energies, and see if you can detect their influence. If you prefer, you can use this information to deliberately contemplate these opportunities as the beginning of the calendar year unfolds. I welcome your comments and questions.

NOTE: Much of what I shared with you was excerpted from 2 videos produced by the original source of Human Design, the late Ra Uru Hu. If you'd like to complement your reading by watching these 2 short videos, click on the first one, and then scroll to the second one.