Does your Environment Support Your Productivity?

Your working conditions can have a greater impact on your sense of well-being and on your productivity than you might realize. When you're not in the right environment for you, it doesn't matter what you do, things won't be quite right. Even the people you love will not be as lovely to you if you're not in an environment that nourishes you.

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What if you're not a morning person?

Is anyone really only working 8-5 any more? If not, why do most company owners and CEO's still insist on a traditional start and stop times to the work day?

Control? Habit? Democracy? Compliance?

Well, then, what is a midday guy to do? What if you're going to be much more effective - and happier - if you were able to start your workday at noon, let's say?

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Like the Fish Swim as You Are

The strengths-based approach to assigning business tasks has been in vogue for a good 20 years. Still, as healthy - fun - and effective as this approach is, it’s an elusive little bugger (watched Notting Hill yesterday, so I might be channeling Hugh Grant-speak today.) Neglecting or postponing use of your favored talents for what you “have to do first” depletes your business efforts, as you will often do things that are best left alone or to others. You suffer, too, but that is not always enough to inspire a change in direction.

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