capacity - not too much not too little

Capacity Matters ... A Lot

When things stop working the way the way you want them to, most people react by increasing the pressure they put on themselves, and others. They think, "if only I were more organized," "if only I had these skills," "if only I/they did this, then _________," etc. Yes, that might be true, but if you take action without considering what is going on in the background, you are likely to end up with more of the same. You might "only" be stuck in a limiting view about yourself, external conditions, or your circumstances.

Most growth goals assume a steady, upward direction.

This is probably one of the most damaging, naive assumptions we're living with. Sure, steady growth is possible, but that straight line in the upward direction, probably not. Life happens all around us and we cannot predict, with 100% certainty, what will happen on any given day, in any given month, in any given year.

Energy + Ability = Capacity

A shift away from the old Productivity paradigm to one that accounts for Capacity gives you access to a place in yourself that naturally increases your ability to weather difficult transitions, and to do great work in a way that is healthy and satisfying. Relaxed and aware, you more easily direct your time and energy towards the tasks that matter. And those that don't matter, or are not particularly satisfying or productive? They fall away...or you find someone else to take care of them.

When you are mindful of your true capacity at any given moment, you are likely to do less of

  • what doesn’t matter
  • what wastes your time
  • what drains your energy and kills your soul
  • what distracts your from your priorities

And likely to do more of

  • what you really care about
  • what makes a difference
  • what expresses your purpose
  • what is fun
  • what brings about a sense of satisfaction
  • and produces the results

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The Cup, a Metaphor for Capacity (Cupacity!)

I love the cup as a metaphor for capacity.

  • Any singular cup can hold only so much liquid.
  • The taller your stack of cups, the more liquid you fill them with, the more difficult it becomes to balance and carry them.
  • You can get a bigger cup, but no matter how large it is, it too is limited in how much it can carry.
  • On the other side of things, if there's not enough liquid in that cup, you're not going to be sufficiently "fueled" to be effective.

If you have a few minutes (4.5 to be exact) you might enjoy this short video where I talk about "Capacity and the Cup."