Lifework with Joan Friedlander

Work with Joan

Coaching, Guidance, Encouragement, and Some Giggles

I specialize in coaching heart-centered service professionals and business owners who have been stuck in a rut, and are determined - and ready - to move forward into the next phase of their work.


Rut: a habit or pattern of behavior or thought that has become dull and unproductive and is hard to change.

Desired Outcomes: flow, prosperity and contribution, mixed with a perfect dose of adventure...however you define adventure.

Release the Past, Work from the Present

It is human to look to the past and keep it alive in the present, for good or bad. However, if it keeps you stuck in what I call a Comparison Trap, it is not serving you. I have a method for helping you put that story to rest.

Then reclaim your gifts and re-direct them towards the next phase of growth and expression so that you can ...

... Do your best work, work that positively impacts the lives of others and inspires you!

... Have a say-so in how and when you work. I call this "the way we do things around here." Your way!

... Be well paid in exchange for your talents and services.

How It Works:

I work in partnership with you to determine the very best use of your time and energy in service of your business and your life goals. It doesn't matter if you're in a launch phase or a stalled phase. We'll take apart that business of yours and figure out where to focus your time and talents. We'll also look at what's Not a good use of your time and what to do about that. If you need to offload any of your tasks or projects, we'll bring in some of the tools I have on hand to get the help you need.

The Down and Dirty

Stop engaging with the people and projects that drain your energy. Let someone else do that.

 ... Transform the mental dialogue that have kept you stuck in this rut.

... Shift your decision-making process from the fears of the mind to the innate intelligence that lies within.

... Learn how to relax in the face of the natural ebb and flow of everyday business life.

... Create and implement good-enough practices for your most important business tasks, practices that are healthy and effective for YOU.

Once your decisions, actions and workflow are correctly aligned to your unique preferences it is easier to tackle the more practical aspects of building your heart-centered business. Instead of spending a lot of time developing business practices that worked for someone else, the practices and approaches you choose will uniquely express You and Your Business Purpose.

Direct your Efforts towards that which Empowers & Enlivens ... Address What Drains and Distracts you.