I use a variety of tools in my coaching practice, depending on a client's needs. The following are tools you can specifically ask for, or they might simply arise as useful resources during our coaching engagement.

Sample Visual Workflow Planner

The Visual Workflow Planner

The Visual Workflow Plannerâ„¢ (VWP) is a powerful tool for anyone juggling multiple roles in their business or job. Your customized VWP will quickly focus your attention on what you can and must do. It offers an easy visual image, an imprint of sorts, that enables you to more easily focus on your high priority business projects during the time available for work. To learn more click here...


The Capacities ("Cupacities")  
Energy + Ability = Capacity

A shift away from the old Productivity paradigm to one that accounts for Capacity naturally increases your ability to do great work in a way that is healthy and satisfying. Relaxed and aware, you more easily direct your time and energy towards the tasks that matter. And those that don't matter, or are not particularly satisfying or productive? They fall away...or you find someone else to take care of them. To learn more click here...


Human Design:
Your Genetic Blueprint

Your Human Design Body Graph shows us who you are, empowering you to operate in greater alignment, within and without. Minimally, I use the information about your Design to show you how to make clean, healthy decisions for your business, and therefore, your life. (No, we are not all the same.) When your decision-making process is aligned with your true nature, the success you achieve will be life affirming instead of life-draining. To learn more click here...


 Make Friends with Marketing

When you're in business for yourself, marketing is part of the deal. Knowing how to market your services and understanding what is best for you and your business? That's often the hard part.

If you want to figure out the best marketing approaches for you, I might just be your person. I can teach you about basic marketing approaches, help you figure out which are best suited to your style and your goals, and show you how to design an action plan that you might actually enjoy! To learn more click here...