Let Go to Grow

If you’re working effectively and are still struggling to keep everything going, it’s time to get the help you need to free you up to do your best work. By hanging on to tasks, people, and projects that no longer fit, you hinder your ability to grow, both personally and professionally.


If you’ve been successful in building a strong and steady client base, you may be like many successful independent professionals. Suddenly, without warning, you realize that you’re stretched to the max, and the only way to increase your income is to either work more hours or raise your rates. That might not be so bad, but it becomes problematic when the entire business is completely dependent on you.

What keeps you stuck?

Even when you understand that in order to grow your business any further you need to get help, you may still hesitate. The reasons vary, and they are enough to keep many successful entrepreneurs from allocating the time and resources to do so.

But really, why delegate?

  • Delegation forces you to see your business as a business, and requires you to create easy-to-follow systems.

  • Delegating the simpler tasks will mean you have more time to plan the future and to remain competitive.

  • When you hire others to do the tasks that slow you down, or cause you to get that funny wrinkled-looking forehead, you feel very, very powerful and somewhat unstoppable.

  • Effective delegation increases revenue!

These are some of the business reasons. Personal reasons include more free time, improved quality of life, real vacations during which you can turn off your phone and stop checking e-mail.

But Joan, “It’s hard to find good help”

Inevitably, when I talk to people about building a team, I hear tales about the horrible experiences they’ve had and how reluctant they are to delegate. It costs too much, I can’t afford it, I can’t trust anyone to do things as well as I do, I don’t have the time, etc. ALL these reasons get you to this one statement: It’s just easier to do it myself!

I’d like to challenge you here.

What if it’s hard to find good help because you believe it’s hard to find good help? I don’t mean to be insulting, but we’re talking about growing a successful business beyond your personal capabilities. If you would like to serve more people than you can personally handle, you have to let go of such limiting thoughts and figure out how to hire quality people when you need them.

The real issue: a failure in our education

Most people, even if they held management positions in the past, were not taught how to effectively screen, hire, and train people to produce the quality of work they desire. Furthermore, would-be perfectionists create an unreasonable expectation that those they hire must be clones of themselves, and anything less is unacceptable.

Yet, if you are serious about growing a profitable, thriving business, you need help. And the help you receive needs to be the best you can afford so that you can rely on the people you hire.

I can help you do this.

I can help you decide what to delegate.

I can help you develop interview questions that enable you to determine 3 critical factors: can do the job, will do the job, and fits your business culture.

I can help you develop an effective training process that ensures you - and they - are confident that the tasks you’ve assigned are being done to your standards.

Interested? Schedule a 30-minute exploratory meeting with me. We’ll look at your situation, I'll answer your questions and together we'll determine if the it’s the right time to build your team.