Woman to Woman


I’m glad you decided to check out my offer to spend 30 minutes with me to identify your top 4 personal needs, the needs that if they are met will enable you to be Your Best Self.

The NeedLess Program(tm) - the Opportunity

I’ve already started to work with the NeedLess program myself. I think it’s a simple yet extraordinary program. It is about getting your needs met (especially the ones you don’t want to admit to); so much so that eventually they won’t be Needs! What’s more, the process requires you take responsibility for getting them met. Oh, responsibility!

A Brief Outline

1)    Identify what your 4 personal needs are. Personal needs are defined as those things you MUST have in order to be your BEST self.
2)    Learn how to get your personal needs met.
3)    Design an effective system to have them vanish!

I love that last one…to have them vanish.

The Invitation

I'm here on this quest with you. To launch your own Sovereignty "program" I am inviting you to a 30-minute conversation with me in which I'll be your sounding board for identifying your top 4 Personal Needs. To prepare for our conversation I'll send you the NeedLess program guidelines and some suggestions about how to select your top 4 Personal Needs.