When Results aren't what you want them to be and enthusiasm declines...

most people react by increasing the pressure they put on themselves. It never really works, at least not in the long run. In my experience, any kind of setback – professional, personal or medical - can be a valuable wake-up call, inviting you to revisit your approach, values and underlying belief systems.

We have been taught to measure success by our ability to do what we set out to do within the time frame we said we’d do it. When we do, we deem ourselves successful. When we don't, we are quick to judge ourselves as failures.

Energy and capacity change every day. For this reason, consistency, although a worthwhile goal, does not reflect reality.

Confidently align actions with your priorities.


There is a great deal of noise out there, people offering promises about approaches and systems that will work for you, the “every person,” when in fact, their approaches will work for some people better than others.

I am interested in finding out what will work for you.

Having a coach on your team, one who understands the challenges of finding your own, authentic way in the business world, can make the difference between struggling and thriving.

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