For Introverts Building a Service Business


Why Introverts? Because we aren't extroverts ...

The most visible role models of success in business are. And so we get caught in wanting to be like them, thinking we need to be like them to succeed. We struggle to keep up, to just get out there and do it. And we can't, not for long anyway. Not only does it damage our bodies, it damages our spirit and leads to cycles of productivity followed by hard crashes and crises in confidence.

When you don't align your efforts and values to your true nature, it creates a feedback loop that says you're not enough. You Are!

It's  no one's fault. We live in a "should" culture, a culture where people who have achieved a visible level of success tell us how to do it; their way!  If you take a moment to think about it you'll discover that even the most subtle, seemingly benign guidelines for what you need to do to be a successful, thriving business person contain a should. You should take morning meetings. You should be prepared to sacrifice for success. You should be on social media, posting every day, etc. Maybe, but only if it's right for you and your customers!

No one I know goes into business so they can create another unsatisfactory, overwhelming work life.

No, we go into business to:

  • Do work we enjoy, work that positively impacts in the lives and businesses of others
  • To have say-so in how and when we work
  • To be well paid in exchange for our talents and services

I focus on 3 areas of life that influence these outcomes, areas that can impact your ability to stay grounded and to remain resourceful and resilient.

  • Work Habits and Practices
  • Mindset (beliefs, attitude)
  • Cultural Influences

I know that you already have what you need to align your efforts to your vision: your brilliant internal guidance system, your instincts and your sense of purpose. Those are all yours.

I am here to help you anchor your inspiration in confidence and arm you with the practical tools you need to implement your vision in a way that is perfectly suited to you ... and to remind you when you forget who and what you are.

    Through mindful inquiry we align you to your True Nature and install Best Practices so that your Natural Brilliance Shines and you can Do the Work You are Here to Do.