Does This Sound Familiar?

Today’s technology makes it increasingly possible to build a business around your lifestyle needs.  This is the great news. It can also give rise to some interesting challenges when you endeavor to – or are forced to – work fewer hours than the average overworked, maxed-out busy humans you see around you.

In the wake of a setback,  you might find yourself at one or more of these Crossroads:

  • What used to work well has stopped working. It often feels like 2 steps forward and 1 step backward.
  • What you enjoyed when you started your business no longer excites or motivates you. Apathy and bewilderment are common symptoms. It's usually a signal for "something's got to change."
  • Team members may have moved on, leaving you potentially vulnerable. Suddenly, everything is back in your lap. This is when people make mistakes, letting fear guide their actions.
  • You might feel scattered and distracted, longing for clarity and direction.
  • You watch others succeed and worry you'll never get back on your feet again. You can!

We all go through tough transitions in our lives. This is normal; navigating them can be tricky. Health issues are part of life for many people, but we have been taught not to talk about or acknowledge them. It can be awfully isolating, which is the last thing you need. As a coach, I am ethically sworn to keep your confidence, meaning you can confide in me without worry of public repercussions. We'll talk about your challenges, and together we'll figure things out.

I am a transition champion. I have dealt with all of these issues, and have helped others navigate their way through and beyond.

Love your Work, Love your Life

Every setback holds the potential for evolution, even if that seems the farthest from the truth right now. These questions matter more now than ever before. Your well-being depends on it.

  • Do you love your work?
  • Does your work support your health and enhance your life?
  • Does it express your innate gifts and elicit a sense of purpose?
  • Are you fully empowered to create a business or profession that is in alignment with your Essential Nature?

How this Works

The Next chapter

Put the Past to Rest

You can't move forward into the next phase if you are holding onto the past.

It's not easy to let go of what you have known and loved about yourself, your life, your success, etc. We all do it, so please don't feel badly. The grieving process is real. You can't rush it; at the same time, you can't stay there. It's easier to encourage optimism in others. That's what I'm here for. To help you move through the disappointment to the potential that lies before you.


Optimize Capacity

Capacity is not about more-is-better.

By definition, capacity means that there are limits; too much of something is, in fact, too much. Conversely, when your capacity is insufficient you are likely to be hindered. Like balance, capacity in human beings is in a continuous state of flux. Capacity is fluid.

We'll use my Capacity Assessment (the "Cupacometer") to assess where you are either operating at diminished capacity, or over extending yourself, or cruising right along. This is not another opportunity to beat yourself up. Enough of that! It's a chance to look at the factors that might be limiting you.

Release Brilliance

Release your Brilliance, Organize for Success

The Secret is in the Routine

This is all about creating a rhythm and routine around work and self-care, one that is adjustable as your health improves and your priorities change. Most people tend to underestimate the time needed, and over estimate their true "productive capacity."

This is where we establish your baseline of relative certainty. For example, if you are limited to working 4-5 hours a day, it is not wise to fill your action plan with activities that are likely to require 6 - or more - hours to complete! Nor is it wise to choose projects you anticipate will require the entire 4 or 5 hours to complete. It's unrealistic.