Human Design - Live Your Uniqueness

Human Design Body Graph

I am a certified Living Your Design Guide, which is based in the Human Design system. Knowing your unique Design gives you access to where you can reliably go in your body to make decisions for your life.

Your unique body graph offers you the mechanical explanation of who you are - and who you're not - so you can eliminate resistance and get to a place where you can live the life that is meant for you. Instead of the conditioned life that most people live, you get the opportunity to live out your uniqueness.

There is a reliable place inside that knows what is healthy and correct for you. This is what your design shows you. To make a decision as yourself frees you from all the false authorities in the world.

Human Design offers an entirely new approach to life that leads you away from the torture-chamber that is your mind to an inner knowing that has been your birthright from the day you were born.

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