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We have ALL been conditioned in some way or another to suppress our true self, to lower our voices, to conform to certain "standards" so as not to make waves. Human Design is a means for gaining direct access to Your True Nature, and the Unique Perspective you have to share with others. When you start to live as your True Self, that lovely voice of yours comes out from the depths of your being, "without thought."

Your Human Design Chart offers a blueprint for what you are here to be and put out into the world. What's more, it shows you exactly where you are receptive to conditioning - especially the conditioning that binds and gags - so you can start to observe it without being limited by it.

Instead of the conditioned life that most people live, you get the opportunity to live out your uniqueness.

The Intelligence Within

There is a reliable place inside that knows what is healthy and correct for you. This is what your design shows you. To make a decision as yourself frees you from all the false authorities in the world.

By learning to tune into your innate intelligence ... the guidance system that is rightfully yours and no others ... you Free up your Energy to Express what there is to express Authentically. Not all opportunities are healthy for you.

It’s been only one month since our meeting, but so many things have changed! I’m almost like another person, haha! Everyday a new discovery regards being a Reflector, it has been really nice. (though sometimes a little challenging, but that’s life). ~M.N.

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