Make Friends with Marketing

When you're in business for yourself, marketing is part of the deal. Knowing how to market your services and understanding what is best for you and your business? That's at the heart of what causes many self-employed people to crumble. There are many, many rules out there, and a lot of people selling THEIR programs that they guarantee will work for you. I've been exposed to many of them.

If you are lost in the ever-growing cacophony of talking heads, and just want to figure out what YOU need to do, I might be your person. I can teach you about basic marketing approaches, help you figure out what would work for you, and show you how to design an action plan that you might actually enjoy!

As a lifetime licensed facilitator of the 28-day marketing program created by C.J Hayden, Get Clients Now! ™, and the first Director of Training and Licensing (from 2005-2009), I have helped hundreds of people who used to be afraid of marketing get really comfortable with it. C.J.'s program helped me get over my own paralysis and that's why I like to share it with others. It creates order out of chaos, simplifies the complex and helps you focus your efforts.

What Does It Cost? $750

Here's what you'll get: An initial 60-minute marketing strategy meeting followed by another 45-60 minute meeting during which time we'll co-create or review your 28-day marketing action plan. After that we'll meet weekly for 30-minutes to review progress, address difficulties and celebrate successes.

The first 30 minutes are on me. Bring one specific marketing question to the meeting and we’ll see what we can do. If you are happy – and I am satisfied – at the end of our chat and you’d like more assistance, we’ll talk about moving forward then.

My Promise: I never, ever use pressure tactics to get someone to hire me for my services. This 30-minute offer is real. If we discover the conversation between us doesn’t flow well, that will be that.

To schedule a meeting with me:

Call me directly at (928) 554-1789 or fill out our contact form.

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