Midlife Women in Relationship Transition - a Survey

Thank you for your willingness to help out by completing this survey!

Reminder: If you are on the other side of this transition, meaning that you took the leap and went out on your own after wrestling with your own internal dialogue, I ask that you respond to questions 3-7 with that “before woman” in mind, the one who was uncertain, who didn’t know where the road would take her.

1) Number of years on the planet (your age) *
2) Marital Status Now *
3) Precipitating Factor(s): Which of the following best describe why you would – or did – dissolve your marriage? Please select no more than 3.
I'm asking you to identify that moment, or moments, when you realized that the marriage was no longer what you needed it to be. NOTE: you don't need to select 3.
4) What are the biggest barriers/thoughts/fears that arise when you think about leaving the marriage contract/relationship? Check all that apply.
5) What kind of programs and expert guidance would be most critical to achieving a strong sense of self-sufficiency? (Select all that apply.)
I am listing options where either I or one of my network of colleagues could offer assistance. This list is by no means exhaustive.
6) If you were to seek support & assistance to shift any of these areas, which format would you prefer? Select up to 2.
7) What would you be open to investing to powerfully shift your experience in any areas you identified as less than content and fulfilling?