Retreat with me in Sedona

Picture by Robin James Weeks, Founder,

Sedona, Arizona is one of those places people come to for all kinds of retreats, "spiritual" and otherwise. My quest, my invitation, is to take time away from your normal routine to focus for 2-3 days on a particular project or intention so that you return to your life with renewed enthusiasm and a structure for implementation.

I work in partnership with other practitioners in the area, women and men who offer energy alignment and guided hikes. We can incorporate these into your package or you can do these things on your own.

Your work retreat is tailored to your needs. Before we book anything we'll spend an hour together designing your retreat and sorting out the logistics.

Your Business, Your Life, Your Way

Your Business Your Life Your Way

This Retreat is designed to help you determine the very best use of your time and energy in service of your business and your life goals. It doesn't matter if you're in a launch phase or a stalled phase. We'll take apart that business of yours and figure out where to focus your time and talents. We'll also look at what's Not a good use of your time and what to do about that. If you need to offload any of your tasks or projects, we'll bring in some of the tools I have on hand to get the help you need.


Tools to Enhance Your Skillset

I have acquired and developed many tools that I use with the people I serve, depending on what arises in the conversation. Any one or more of these can be incorporated into your working retreat as the need presents itself.

Work inside your Sweet Spot: We develop your tailored-to-you Visual Life and Workflow planner together. Using several filters to determine the best use of your time and energy throughout the day and week, your one-page Plan gives you the focus you need, and the flexibility you desire.

Delegation and Expansion: Get Ready to Hire your First or Next Employee or Subcontractor: Learn when and how to Delegate, Learn how to conduct an effective interview to get the right people on your team. 

Powerful Decision-Making: Your Human Design chart can be the focus of your retreat or an add-on tool that we use to guide you towards exactly how to tune into your Own Authority when it comes to all of these decisions ... cleanly, clearly and powerfully.