Work with Joan

Coaching, Guidance, Encouragement, and Some Giggles

My services can be individually selected, or a coaching package can be created for you during our Get Acquainted Chat. The first 2 services (top row) are designed to help you get connected with the powerful, internal decision-making intelligence you were born with and with your natural energy flow throughout the day. Think of it like tuning up the engine of a car. With alignment, the rest is easier.

Once your decisions, actions and workflow are correctly aligned to your unique preferences it is easier to tackle the more practical aspects of building your dream business. Instead of spending a lot of time developing business practices that are someone else's brilliant ideas, the practices and approaches you choose will uniquely express You and Your Business Purpose.

The second 2 services (second row) represent the two most common entry points for addressing the more strategic, practical aspects of running your business or department.

Direct your Efforts towards that which Empowers & Enlivens ... Address What Drains and Distracts you.


The first order of business is to facilitate alignment with your body's innate intelligence so that any decision you make, or best practice you install, comes from a place of unwavering confidence and strength.

I use information from your Human Design body graph to uncover the healthiest approaches for you. Any actions or decisions you make will be grounded in deep self-understanding and acceptance. Watch your vitality increase, and your stress level decrease.


Most of us have been conditioned to think and act like the stereotypical early bird. Many are not that. When they try to schedule work activities to fit this industrial era norm, it makes work tasks much harder to accomplish and it erodes your life force.

I will work with you to more easily align your work tasks and projects with your unique energy pattern.


When you can work inside your Sweet Spot - the intersection between your talents and preferred tasks - you can expect a significant improvement in your results, as well as a deepening sense of success, ease and satisfaction.

I help you identify your Sweet Spot activities and develop a plan to make the associated tasks and projects the prime focus for your workdays. Those other tasks? You'll get to that place where you are making enough money to hire help.


The Way we Do Things Around Here is all about creating structures and practices that reduce the emotional charge that often arises when it comes to setting clear boundaries around your business policies and practices. This can include everything from deciding when you meet with clients to how you prices your services, and everything in between.

I'll work with you to develop your best practices, craft necessary communications, and address any resistance to implementation.