A True Catalyst for Personal Improvement

Joan's "Taking the Busy Out of Business" was an invaluable tool for not only reducing my busyness but changing my actual business! Joan possesses a sensitivity that allows you to reflect on your highest priorities with a great amount of safety. I developed the clarity of purpose and motivation required to make changes that have brought me "happiness without hesitation." It would have taken MUCH longer to make the changes without her. Joan is truly a catalyst for personal improvement!

- Dr. Greg Cherney, Network Chiroprator

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Helped me hear and accept the wisdom of my own ideas

"I thought working with a business coach was for other people who lacked discipline and found it hard to stay on track – not my problems. Instead, in working with Joan – a skillful listener, questioner and problem-solver – I realized that the power of an experienced coach lies, in part, in their the ability to help one hear and accept the wisdom of one’s own ideas. “Some day” becomes a real day; ideas become reality.

~ Owner, Fee-Only Financial Advisory Firm

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Insightful questions to help me find answers to my dilemma

Your brilliance is your compassion and the gentle way you ask insightful questions that help me find the answers to my dilemmas. You are wise in the ways of the heart and when one is ready to follow their heart's path they will find you as a mentor they are searching for. You combine passion with the practical suggestions in a unique way that meet the essential components of a breakthrough....You have always had great suggestions to help me feel more secure in my transitions from my old reality to my new reality.

~ Kay Walburger, Play n Prosper Network

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My Visual Workflow Planner helped me schedule appointments when it works for me

I am now able to wake up and know the direction I am taking on that day. I use my [calendar] to program the type of day it will be so I know which kinds of business activities to do. It’s a big relief. A client called and I was able to look at my master schedule to know when I could fit her in. She had no problem with it. It worked!

Kathy V, Photographer, member of CLIC

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Business is Still Booming!

Business is still booming. My two associates are doing very well and one of them is just about full for the Class of 2010. [My newest counselor] is starting to pick up and we’ve been working more closely with schools down there, so it’s been fun and new. And, I am working out again, and feeling balanced. Yeah! 

~ Lisa McLaughlin, EDvantage Consulting, Inc., CA

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My weekly work schedule is more organized and efficient

When I started working with Joan I had very little time boundaries or control over my schedule. I worked 7 days a week, nights, etc. I still have work to do in this area, but I have GREATLY improved … Sundays are now a personal day, without exception. And my weekly work schedule is more organized and efficient, and I am getting better at going home on time and not working too much.

~ Natalie Y, Photographer, CA 

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