Your Voice to the World

One of our biggest wounds is the suppression of our voices, and thus our full self expression and unique contribution. Some people retreat before they even try: others push their voices out so loudly it's hard to get past the bluster. Personally, when I listen to someone who has developed expertise informed by their passion, I find myself intrigued. Even if I don't completely understand or agree, I am inspired by what they have put together.

Video - live or recorded - is a great medium once you get past the nervousness about being "on camera" and feeling highly vulnerable. Of course, it's also quite effective in reaching your audience. Video work is not about being perfectly polished - for some it is but that's not where I'm coming from with this. It's about being yourself and expressing your unique perspective... your voice to the world! Add a call to action - what you would like people to do next - and it becomes a potentially powerful way to attract your ideal audience, the people who are ready for your message, that you'd very much like to support or empower.

I am here to help you Clarify your message and Share it with your intended audience so that you Reach the people you want to influence and attract them to Your Project or Services.


Clarify Your Message

It's hard to reach your audience when you're not clear about what you have to say and how you want to say it. This isn't about canned speeches and 30-second introductions; this is about becoming comfortable with Your Voice and what You have to Say.


Create Your Video(s)

I thoroughly enjoy helping people get comfortable in front of the camera, seeing themselves on video and sharing their message as naturally and simply as possible. It's not about perfection, it's about Authentic sharing and Simple Calls to Action.


Reach Your Audience

There are many ways to share Your Voice with the World. I help you identify how best to get your Message out there in a Way that feels natural and fun. Are these videos for your website, for your YouTube or Vimeo page and what about Social Media? We'll figure it out together.

Sample Videos

These are just a few of the videos I've shot and produced over the past several years. Except for 2 of these people, all were new to this media. If you wish to find out more about the conditions and the people Visit my Video Gallery page.

Dear Joan, because of your strong support to me, my voice will reach globally and I believe it will help me a lot to [bring attention to] my slum girls education...I am very thankful to you for your continuous kind support and valuable guidance to me.
— Aarti Naik, Changemaker, Mumbai, India