Somewhere along the line we forgot that we are Human Beings, not Human Doings. We are not machines, we have complex lives and not everything is predictable. I believe that we can trust life a lot more than we do, and that on those days - or hours - when the energy isn't there to do what we set out to do, it's best to honor that. 

  • There is such a thing as "right timing."
  • If you wait until your energy is available, things will go more smoothly and quickly than if you push things through.
  • Honoring the ebb and flow of our available energy makes us more effective, not less.

Is Nothing Happening when You're Doing Nothing?

When it comes to our productivity, it's a "problem" when the energy for your work - or anything else in life - suddenly drops. We believe it to be true, but is it true that "nothing is happening" when you're "doing nothing," or might it be more true that the time required to regenerate and recharge - however long that is - is equally as productive?


Doing What you "Should" Do and it's Not Working?

It happens to most of us who are in business for ourselves at some point. There is a lull in inquiries for your services, or the well has dried up completely. No matter what you do, what you "know" to do, it isn't resulting in new business.


Struggling in the Wrong Place? I sure was ...

If business isn't going well, if you're not meeting people who feel like kindred spirits, and/or your health is less than optimal, you might simply be in the wrong environment. Joan talks about her recent experiences living in a place that simply wasn't "her place," Colorado.


Do you Need to Stretch your Comfort Zone?

I attended an Introvert's Meetup where we were talking about the balance between alone-time and social engagements. Someone suggested that some times we need to stretch our comfort zones. I left the meeting thinking about that, wondering what lies underneath such a notion. My curiosity and perspective: What is driving such notions?